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What Happens After Being Denied Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you are suffering from a severe injury or a physical or mental illness that makes it difficult or impossible for you to work and earn an income, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. The application process for these benefits is extremely complicated, and confusing to the average citizen, which leads to around 80% of applicants being denied.

If you’ve been denied benefits, it’s time to seek a Social Security Disability attorney near Tulsa to help you in the next steps of the process, which begins with appealing the decision.

Process of an Appeal

When the Social Security Administration denies your initial application, it is important for you to not give up hope. The attorneys at Barnard Law Firm can help you fight to gain the benefits you need and deserve.

When appealing your claim’s denial, you must understand the factors that will be reviewed to determine whether you are disabled and therefore eligible to receive benefits. An Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) is required to perform a five-step evaluation to determine your eligibility:

  • Are you currently employed and is your work considered Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)? If you are working and are found to be SGA eligible, your claim will automatically be denied.
  • Do your medical issues constitute a severe impairment? Your impairment must affect your ability to work in order to meet this requirement.
  • Is your impairment listed as one of the specific impairments according to Social Security regulations? Federal regulations include a list of disability impairments that would prevent a person from working. Your impairment must be on this list or equal to one on the list.
  • Are you unable to work in your former job? You will not be considered eligible if you are able to perform past relevant work.
  • Are you unable to perform work in another occupation? If the SSA determines you are unable to perform work in another field of employment, your disability will be affirmed.

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