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Qualifying for Social Security Disability

If you’re visiting this page, you may be wondering whether or not you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). There are several things the Social Security Administration (SSA) factors into the claims process to determine if you qualify.

The severity of your impairment or disability is just one aspect. Along with that consideration, your medical history, educational and work backgrounds, as well as assets are taking into account.

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What Does the SSA Consider?

Our SSI lawyers in Tulsa understand exactly the qualifications the Social Security Administration is searching for in your claim.

Social Security Disability law is confusing and extremely detail-oriented, which is why legal assistance is best for everyone involved.

There are two programs the SSA runs: Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Both of these programs have specific minimum disability requirements for applicants to meet in order to qualify.

These requirements are listed out in the SSA’s Blue Book, which outlines each disability the SSA considers and the levels you must meet. Typically, we will fill out applications for both programs at the same time.

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Medical History

Your local social security attorney will discuss with you the extent of medical background you must report in your application. The SSA defines a disability as a severe condition that has lasted over one year or is expected to last for one year or longer, is permanent, or will result in death.

Your condition must also prevent you from ‘substantial gainful activities’ (SGA). This is, basically, working and earning an income.

Your medical condition will be evaluated by the SSA using the strict guidelines outlined in the aforementioned Blue Book. There is a section called Listing of Impairments, which consists of the most common and most severe conditions that will qualify you for Social Security Disability benefits.

You will need to provide substantial medical evidence, including all lab and diagnostic reports, treatments you have received, dates of hospital stays, results of treatments, and a diagnosis from an accredited doctor.

A letter from your doctor describing your condition is also a vital piece of evidence.

Work History

The SSA will review and evaluate your work history as well as your medical. They will determine if your medical condition limits your ability to perform basic work activities. If you are found to be limited in a way that you are unable to perform the work from your past job or another line of work, you will be deemed disabled.

The work you have done in the past counts toward your Work Credits with the SSA, which is assessed in regard to the number of years you have worked and paid into the Social Security system via taxes.

You earn work credits every year that you work, a maximum of 4 each year, and must earn at least 40 credits in order to qualify for Social Security benefits.

Your Personal Assets

If you are applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), there is no limit to the number of assets you have. But, you must meet the 40 work credits limit in order to qualify.

It is the Supplemental Security Insurance program that has asset limits attached to it. You must have a low income as well as a low number of assets. The asset maximum is $2,000 for individuals, $3,000 for married individuals.

Those numbers may seem low, but not all assets are counted by the SSA. Your residences, any scholarships, or financial aid are examples of assets that are not counted.

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